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The Pulse Duo – By Hot Octopuss

Price: $199.990000 | Brand: Hot Octopuss
The Pulse Solo is perfect for alone fun but the Duo is ideal for alone fun and also fun together as an exhilarating couple’s sex toy. Pulse III Duo bring the uniqueness of the original pulse duo but with a little more bells and whistles. The upgraded pulse hence the number III has improved the wonderful design which one would of thought hard to do but they have. It really does fit like a glove, a glove for your penis. Guybrator is what the team at Hot Octopuss call this stimulator and why not, women have the vibrator men can have the guybrator it just doesn’t flow of the tongue just yet. PulsePlate Technology TM is intense and completely pleasurable for both male and female stimulation. First let’s concentrate on the guys the oscillations in the pulse III are rippling through your body and the snug glove like feeling only increases the desires for this adult toy. The outer vibrations are great for her, when using as a couples toy put it together and you have a different pleasuring way of having sex. Remote Control makes playing even easier. There are controls on the pulse + and – but you have the advantage of being able to use the remote control especially handy when you are in the middle of some fun. USB Rechargeable & Silicone Material is what you would expect from a top quality adult pleasure device like the Pulse III Duo. Can be used flacid or hardPulse Duo by Hot Octopuss pleasure for him and her. From the original Duo to the third incarnation of the Duo, the team at Hot Octopuss continue their endeavour in providing new technology that will send pleasure through your body with their latest designs. Pulse Duo Guybrator PulsePlate Technology TM Remote Control USB Rechargeable

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