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The Pulse Solo LUX – By Hot Octopuss

Price: $224.990000 | Brand: Hot Octopuss
When you’re looking for the best in Guybration you can’t go past the The Pulse Solo LUX – By Hot Octopuss. Pulse Solo Lux is a unique masturbator that can be used when erect or flaccid, with a high powered motor that delivers incredible pleasure and stimulation as soon as you hit that wonderful on button. You slide yourself in the Pulse Solo Lux and wrap the uniqueness around you and get ready for something new and different. Wrist Remote Control is a new upgrade to any of the Pulse products. It’s looks like an iWatch or Fitbit but it’s actually a remote to let you lay back and enjoy the full experience of the Pulse. Easy to use push button controls allow you to go through the multiple levels with ease. You can also use the Solo Lux without the remote. Oscillating Pulse Plate is how all the action and stimulation is delivered to you and it’s unique only to the Pulse. Turbo Button for when you are ready to really go! USB Rechargeable and Waterproof means you can take it into the shower with you and also you don’t have to worry about batteries and you will always receive good power once charged. High Quality Silicone Material as you would expect from such a fine piece. The Pulse Solo LUX – By Hot Octopuss is the full next level to the already fantastic Guybrator with more functions and wrist remote control. Pulse Solo Lux Wrist Remote Control Oscillating Pulse Plate Turbo Button USB Rechargeable and Waterproof High Quality Silicone Material

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