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The Soft Rubber Erection Ring – Red

Price: $6.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
This Easily Adjustable Cock Ring really will help you to maintain and prolong your erection. It is fully adjustable and the cock ring is so comfortable you will forget you even have it on. The simple yet uniquely designed cock ring will ensure you maintain a firmer erection throughout sex and always achieve a more powerful ejaculation. The cock ring is worn at the base of the penis, is fully adjustable and can also be worn with a condom. The Design of this Cock Ring creates a firm feeling when worn and it will also slow down the blood flowing from the erect penile tissue. Using a cock ring gives his erection a satisfyingly firm feel, and also helps him hold off on climaxing, so you both have more time to enjoy his throbbing hard-on. The Simple, Stretchy Cock Ring is perfect for anyone wanting to try a cock ring for the first time. This erection-enhancing toy is made from great quality materials and is very easy to use. The cock ring has an adjustable slide, so that the toy is never too loose or too tight; even when your hands are quite slippery. You or your lover can alter the size of the ring very simply, making it very easy to choose exactly how firm you want it to feel without pinching the skin.Be amazed at the intensity of your orgasms when you slip on this sexy new erection ring. The soft rubber erection ring is worn at the base of your cock, and will help you maintain a throbbing erection. This cock ring is fully adjustable and very comfortable. It is easy to put on, will remain snugly secure during intercourse and can be removed very simply. A fully adjustable stamina ring to enhance and prolong erections Slide-to-fit design with toggle closure enables a snug fit, without pinching Suitable for penis ring beginners

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