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The Swan Wand – 7 Function Rechargeable Massager

Price: $179.990000 | Brand: BMS Enterprises
This is Swan Vibes most powerful vibe and they have won Best Product Line from Europe e.a.n awards. The Design and Shape of the Swan Wand is solid and firm to be able to really get your hands around it and hold it for you to get ready for the ride of your life. With a full length of 26cm, one end has a tapered end for easy entry and increases to around a great full size of 7cm in width. The other end has a slight tapered end with an increase to 4.5cm. That’s one of the great benefits of this vibe as you can use either end for your pleasures. Start with the smaller end then work your way to the fuller end. With 2 Motors with POWER, we are not kidding. This massager has some power, you may want to start on the lower mood first or the pulsating mode and get used to being in control of something so powerful in your hands and in-between your legs. Waterproof so take it in the tub with you and massage your whole body. Take away any knots and any tension that may have built up as this is perfect as an all over body pleaser. Then once you have relaxed your body it’s time to relax the mind and fill it with ecstasy. 7 Functions from low, but not that low as it’s still powerful to woooow hold onto something you are going to scream. USB Rechargeable for ease of charging and once you have a full charge it will last and last and last. Travel Locks on vibes and massagers are great as you don’t want them to go off by themselves in your bedside draw, toy box or if you are going away. Due to the power of this massager/vibe it’s noticable and not silent but it is well worth it. You just have to close the door.The Swan Wand is one hell of a powerful massager you will need to really hold on as you are going to explode. Design and Shape Silicone Material with a Seamless Finish 2 Motors with The Power Waterproof 7 Functions USB Rechargeable & with a Travel Lock

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