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The Ten Visions – PBK NOVEL

Price: $16.490000 | Brand: Black Lace Books
‘Jo – I don’t know what you think, but I don’t believe in ghosts.’ ‘Sarah, my darling.’ He took her hand in his again and held it to his cheek. His skin was cool and smooth on the back of his hand, his cheek bone sharply sloped. ‘Tonight you made love with one.’ The moment she starts her doctorate in Oxford, Sarah is beset with mysteries. An old portrait in her rented house bears an uncanny resemblance to her. A new lover insists he’s a ghost. Her attractive, sinister supervisor obstructs her research at every turn. An ordinary hill on the meadow fills her with fear – and not just her, but also the man with whom she falls in love. And every time she has sex, she hallucinates strange places and other times. With her own life and soul at risk, Sarah uses sex-magic and a sequence of visions to travel between different times, worlds and places. On an epic journey, she battles an ancient evil to solve a mystery dating back centuries – a mystery that holds the truth of her origins and purpose. Part of the Black Lace Paranormal Erotica Series. Author:  Olivia KnightN/A

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