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Toyz4Partner Rechargeable Clitoral Suction Vibe

Price: $69.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
Technology is always changing including in the adult toy industry and with the new vacuum suction style vibrating stimulator it is adding a new dimension to our bedroom fun. Vacuum Suction Stimulator is something a little different that your average vibrating vibrator. This style of vibe or really should it be called suck has a suction head that also vibrates. You place the tip near/on your clit and you will feel a sucking sensation with a vibrating feeling as well. This is different from direct vibrating clit stimulation and it feels amazing. Insertable Vibe but wait there is more… This vibe can also be used as a vibrator by simply flipping it around and using the suction handle as an internal vibrator. 10 Vibration Modes will drive you crazy both clitoral and internally depending on how you play with your toy. 5 Suction Levels you start of low and work your way through the different levels and reach the big O you crave. USB Rechargeable no more batteries!  Toyz4Partner – Premium Vacuum Suction Stimulator You not only have the revolutionary suction stimulating vacuum vibe but you can use this wonderful to both ends for extra fun. Vacuum Suction Stimulator Insertable Vibe 10 Vibration Modes 5 Suction Levels USB Rechargeable

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