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Twerking Butt – Deluxe

Price: $849.990000 | Brand: Topco Sex Toys USA
What is a Twerking Butt sex toy and how do you use it? It’s a Robotic Ass that literally Twerks for you by using the remote or even better your smartphone (Android or iOS) with the Twerking butt APP. You can adjust the speed, rhythm and vibration with your smart phone to get the desired twerk you enjoy. The Actual Ass is amazing, with the cyberskin material it not only looks life-like but it feels it too, and it warms up to a natural body temperature of 36 degrees. You can completely let go of normality and let yourself be consumed with the fantasy. Twerk It Up, if you love bums Twerking and wiggling so much that you want to slap it, well you can slap it as hard as you want. Smack that ass whilst you dive your cock deep within to feel the amazing sensations that are going to make you blow hard. Set your own playlist from your phone and make your Twerking butt twerk hard and fast or slow and steady, all you have to do is select your preferred songs and move to the rhythm. Endless Twerking and 6 Massage settings to boost your enjoyment of the masturbation ass. Adjust the settings with the controls or your smart phone or tablet and feel that Twerk and vibrating sensation run through your body, try and hold on for the ride. Cybersex Experience is now even more achievable with the included VR Headset. Slide your smart phone (not included) into the headset with the Twerking Butt app installed and watch 3D porn that puts you right there in the action! Let your fantasies go wild and let yourself go. *Please note: Due to the size and weight of this product it cannot be shipped via express post.Well know porn site PornHub has unveiled a very brand new and innovative sex toy that has a lot of men and women talking. Introducing ‘The Twerking Butt’, yes it is an actual Twerking Butt sex toy! If you are a fan of the Twerking phenomenon or simply a guy who’s favourite appendage is the ass then this masturbation toy is perfect for you. A Robotic Twirking Ass Life-like Material that Warms to Actual Body Temperature for the Ultimate Experience! Select Your Own Playlist for the Ass to Twerk to via smart phone app Massage and Twerking Settings VR Headset Included

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