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uberlube 50ml

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uberlube is this new wonder lube that does a lot more than your usual lube.  uberlube I wonder if they came up with the name before or after Uber… kind of odd but the lube isn’t. The lube is cool, and comes in a glass bottle with a pump action for ease of use. uber lube is thin, silky, light, smooth, odorless and tasteless. Silicone Lube is perfect for lovers who use condoms as its latex friendly, and those who don’t use condoms because of the wonderful feel. Its good for glass, metal and any other non silicone based toys. 2 Sizes Available 100ml and 50ml Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone and Tocopheryl Acetate. So no yucky Glycerine and no Parabens. But wait there’s more: the manufacturers of uberlube state that it can be used for a lot more than what we normally would think to use lube for.It can also be used a a hair serum, makeup primer, massage oil (this one is kind of standard) moisturizer and even shoe polish. Whilst saying shoe polish doesn’t make me think, hey this sounds like a great lube there has to be a reason for this so even though I haven’t tried these, I just might give them a go and see for myself.uberlube is a silicone lubricant with no yucky stuff and comes in a clear pretty glass bottle which is something different in the world of lubes. Great for lovers and non silicone based toys.  uberlube Silicone Lube 2 Sizes Available Ingredients Listed Below But wait there is more… check below

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