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Ultra Seven Remote Control Vibrating Egg

Price: $44.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
A lovely 1.25 inch (3cm) round egg shaped vibrator with loop safety cord. Compact push button remote control with green indicator light and a handy metal clip. Ultra Seven Vibration modes feature: ● 3 Multispeed vibration modes. ● 3 Pulsating vibration modes. ● 1 Escallating vibration Climax mode. One 23A battery is included for the remote. Six Button cell batteries are included for the Egg unit. Note: * Remember to take the batteries out of the device when not in use so you do not have flat batteries the next time you go to use it *A simple and elegant egg to use.  Easily fits in the hand and can be discreetly carried in your handbag. Compact size 7 modes of vibrations

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