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Unicorn Tails (Pink)

Price: $32.990000 | Brand: NS Novelties
Unicorn hair has become extremely popular so why not Unicorn Tails? Why not add a little naughty fun to your anal sex. Butt Plugs can provide more pleasure than most people realise. For some it is a taboo subject for their own reasons and for others they are a little scared of trying something different. We suggest try it once and if you don’t like it or enjoy it at least you gave it a go. (Honestly, you should try it a couple of times as the first time you aren’t going to get it right straight up) Just remember the first rule is LUBE, the second rule is take your time and relax. Small Size which is ideal for the beginner and of course the playful couples who like to dress up with pretty little butt tails. The butt plug is a total length of 10cm with a starting tapered tip of just 2cm, this is great for easy insertion, whilst the plug slowly increases up to 3cm. The gorgeous Unicorn Tail is a pretty 40cm in length. Body Safe Silicone is smooth and silky, this is exactly what you want for the area that you are putting this cute little toy. Role Playing can be sexual or non-sexual depending on the person. There are many different forms of role play including animal roleplay. This can be completely dressing up as your animal of choice or simply plugging in a butt plug with a tail.Stunning Unicorn Tail Butt Plug for some colourful anal fun. Butt Plug Small Size Body Safe Silicone Role Play

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