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Unisex Vibrating Orgasm Balls – Silver

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
Sexy Stimulating Fun! This set of two vibrating balls will fulfil your every pleasure. The dual stimulation means that each ball has its very own vibrating motor inside which creates spine tingling intense vaginal or anal sensations. Great to get things started on a nice romantic evening in, this unisex product can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation. Don’t sit back and watch your partners’ enjoyment – why not purchase a set each and experiment together? The Easy to Use Handheld Multispeed Controller will give you full control over the adjustable multi-speed vibrations. Take your partner to that next level of sensation by taking their controller. Tease and tantalise them with the adjustable multi-speed vibrations and watch them reach the extreme point of pleasure. No more evening arguments over the TV remote when this controller will provide much more excitement. Once you have tried it out, evening television will become a thing of the past and early evenings to bed will become your new routine. Great for Enhancing your Pleasure during sex or masturbation – Have you only ever achieved orgasm through clitoral stimulation? Try the vibrating orgasm balls and experience a new orgasm, which is sure not to disappoint. Feeling adventurous? Why not insert them, place the controller in your pocket and continue with your day. When you feel the need to spice up your day, activate your controller to receive the intense pleasure and carry on with a smile on your face. The Vibrating Orgasm Balls are guaranteed to take your pleasure to another level and will not disappoint. Vibrating Orgasm Balls Measurements are 3.5cm in diameter and weigh 0.09 kg making it a very comfortable and un-intrusive product to use. 2 x AA batteries are included with your purchase and replacement batteries are also available for purchase through the Femplay website. Perfect for Beginners as well as the Experienced uUer. Has your partner only ever achieved climax through clitoral stimulation? Why not surprise her with her own set of Vibrating Orgasm Balls and have her experience an orgasm like no other.Providing sexual pleasure and stimulating vibrations the Unisex Vibrating Orgasm Balls can be used either during sex or for those intimate alone moments to enhance your pleasure. Vibrating for extra pleasure Multi-speed Dual Stimulator Easy to use hand held controller Unisex 2 AA Batteries included

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