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Universal Tube Cleanser Syringe

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
When it comes to anal play some people may find it uncomfortable or not easy to use a normal douche kit. Most you have to squeeze the ball to get the water to give you a good clean. If you don’t like using douche kits the Universal Tube Cleanser Syringe is ideal for you. How Much Water is up to you with measurements along the tube cleaner syringe to give you exactly the amount you want or need. No need for guessing it is right there for you. Round Pull Ring makes it so easy to use just one hand to make you squeaky clean. Simply hold the ring with one finger inside and the base you grab with just two fingers. Two Different Sized attachments whether you are looking for something a little smaller and or a little longer. It can also depend on what kind of clean you are wanting. No Pumping a rubber bulb like other douche kits. All you have to do is fill it with the amount of water you want, slide the tip inside and press the syringe end up and then pull out. For a really clean and fun anal experience it is always recommended to make sure that you do have a nice clean bum. No mess equals lots of fun.The Universal Tube Cleanser Syringe is a douching device for when you really want to make sure that you are nice and clean for some anal fun. Incremental Measurement Pull Ring Plunger Interchangeable attachments Ease to Use

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