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Vac-U-Lock Vibrating Plug with Remote Control

Price: $59.990000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
Adding to your collection with the Vac-U-Lock Vibrating Plug with Remote Control will take your play time to the next level with multiple levels of vibrational joy. Vac-U-Lock System 1 – 2 – 3 that is what the Vac-U-Lock system is. 1 is the strap-on 2 is the dildo and 3 is the accessories. All of which obviously go together perfectly, comfortably and safely. And what a set they are with so many different products to please and tease you. Vibrating Plug which is water resistant and will fit onto your straps and dildos like a glove. But a vibrating glove, so all your standard dildos will soon become a vibrating dong, oh the joys. Wireless Remote so that it’s handy for any type of fun that you’re having. USB Rechargeable so you don’t have to be concerned about batteries, you just have to remember to give it a charge every now and again to make sure you receive all the power you deserve. Multiple Speeds and Functions to provide you with escalation, pulsation and vibration levels to enjoy.Vac-U-Lock Vibrating Plug with Remote Control is the next level attachment to all your Vac-U-Lock accessories. Vac-U-Lock System Vibrating Plug Wireless Remote USB Rechargeable Multiple Speeds and Functions

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