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Vagina Pump – Pink

Price: $29.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
A pump is a great way to heighten sensitivity for sexual enhancement or masturbation. If you are looking for enhanced feelings for stimulation then vagina pumps are for you. This Pump is Powerful. But of course you can stop pumping when you are comfortable with the pressure. The vacuum pressure to your clitoris and labia encourages blood flow to those areas making the nerve endings highly sensitive to touch. Place the Cup over the Vagina. Insert the larger knob into the vagina to safe guard the internals from any suction pressure. The smaller knob sits on the clitoris. Feel your vaginal lips swell and your clitoris throb with delight. The edge of the cup is made of silicone for comfort. To Ensure Comfort, Use a Lube to avoid friction around the area where the cup sits. This also helps to seal the area and makes pumping more efficient. As it is made of silicone, it is best to use your favourite waterbased lubricant to preserve the quality of your suction cup. Once you reach your pumping Tolerance Point, Simply Push the Valve at the top of the pumping bulb to release the vacuum. Then look out! Experience increased sexual fulfilment or amazing masturbation while your area is swelled to the point of ecstasy. No need to be concerned as the effect is only temporary.Enhance the sensitivity of your clitoris and vagina with this powerful pump. Powerful suction Silicone edged cup and pressure bulb Best used with a waterbased lube Quick air release function

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