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Vibratone Duo Balls – Ivory

Price: $5.990000 | Brand:
Duo Balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls and Kegal Balls, are insertable balls designed to provide internal stimulation for women and can exercise and strengthen the Pelvic Floor area. Many believe that this stimulation and exercise action is what contributes to the pleasurable action of the balls, particularly when used over time. They contain a mild chime like agitator that has a vibrating effect on the balls rocking to and fro, and many customers report some amazing sexual stimulation. Often wondering what all the fuss is about at first, many women report that the Duo Balls start to take affect once the initial sensation of a foreign object being present is overcome. Just as some women experience vaginal orgasms and some don’t we’ve had wildly varied feedback from customers who often rave about the direct pleasure of the balls to those who become aroused by their use but are not orgasmic.Whether you use duo balls to strengthen your pelvic floor or you enjoy the jiggling of them internally, using duo balls are unobtrusive and using them regularly will improve the stength of your vaginal walls.

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