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Vixen – Kiss and Tell Lace Split Babydoll & Panty (One Size)

Price: $49.990000 | Brand: Fantasy Lingerie
This feels so speical yet so sexy against the body, I love it and so does my lover. The Vixen Kiss & Tell set is a lot of fun.    Vixen Kiss & Tell is pretty, sexy and cute all at the same time. The way it sits and plays on your body puts a smile on your face.    Lace Split Babydoll and Panty the babydoll has a lovely pattern all over it and including delightful lace look as well. The splits down each sides allows for the center play against your body whilst the splits give it a flowing movement. The size is one size and due to it being stretchy material it fits mosts. But I will say the G-String for myself was a little bigger than I would prefer but the babydoll totally makes up for it.    Delicate Material to fluttering and mold to your body. Hand wash is preferred.  * Please note: This product is shipped separately from our warehouse in Melbourne and same daydespatch cannot be guaranteed.This item is not available for delivery outside of Australia. VIXEN KISS & TELL Lace Split Babydoll & Panty is a sexy yet elegant set which feels amazing on the body. (I have one!) Vixen Kiss & Tell Lace Split Babydoll & Panty Delicate Material

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