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Vooom Bullet by Screaming O (Assorted)

Price: $14.990000 | Brand: The Screaming O
You have to love the Screaming O range of toys they are all designed to bring the fun into the bedroom. Compact Mini Vibe nice and compact at only 5.5cm they are ideal for anyone to take anywhere at any time. Small and easy to use with the single button on the base of the vibe you are just a click away to some deep rumbling vibrations that are designed to increase your pleasure. The Vooom! Bullet may be small but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some power in it. Great for clitoral stimulation especially direct contact. You can use alone or with a friend also small enough to use whilst having sex for that extra clit pleasure. Perfect if you need clit teasing to get to an orgasm like a lot of other women do. Waterproof takes the Vooom! Bullet to the next level when you can take it into the shower or tub for some extra fun. It takes AG13 batteries and they come with the bullet and they are replaceable and you can purchase them from our website. Screaming O Vooom! Bullet – Deep Rumbling Mini Vibe Compact Mini Vibe Waterproof

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