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Water Soft Mounts Ultra Stud – Pink

Price: $23.490000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
This textured vibe is shaped like a penis, complete with head and veins, to create a realistic image and sensation. With the additional clitoral stud and suction base, your experience could become a bit more unreal. This Vibe is Highly Flexible for your comfort and enjoyment. Of the total length, 14cm is insertable allowing comfortable access to the clitoral stud. If you require a little more, you have both hands free to provide further manual stimulation or use other toys to add to your experience. This Vibe’s Biggest Selling Point is it Super-Suction. The suction cup base can be mounted to any slick surface, including baths, showers, doors, chairs and tables. This allows for exciting solo experiences around the house as well as versatility with a partner. Maybe it’s time to liven up the housework, make those late-night blow-jobs a bit more fun or indulge in a multiple-partner fantasy. Engage your imagination to come up with your own unique experience. This Vibe Offers One Great Speed that you can turn on and off with a twist. If your hands are busy with other activities you need only a moment to get the motor running. This simple control is also advantageous for partner operation; All you have to say is, ‘turn me on’. This Vibe is Powered by 2 AA Batteries. We supply the first set to get you started and sell spares in bulk so you have an ongoing supply. Don’t forget to stock up with your next order.This vibe is perfect for hands-free use and will adhere to any smooth surface for fun and games around the house. Made from flexible plastic to move with you, this vibe is 20cm long and 4cm wide Flexible clitoral stud at the base of the shaft Simply twist on and off Suction base for attachment to any slick surface (bath, shower, kitchen, glass doors) Comes with 2x AA batteries to get started right away

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