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We Vibe – Alcohol-Free Cleaning Spray (100ml)

Price: $23.990000 | Brand: Pjur Lubricants Germany
Cleaning your toys is essential to ensure that they stay in the best condition possible. By keeping your toys thoroughly cleaned between uses, you’re making certain that any fluids, dust or bacteria aren’t effecting the quality of your toy or making their way onto your skin, or in your intimate regions. The We-Vibe cleaning solution by Pjur has been designed specifically with the We-Vibe in mind, though it can be used on your other toys as well. The gentle solution is ideal for using on high quality silicone toys, keeping them fresh looking and hygienic. For those who find alcohol-based wipes and sprays can leave them feeling dry and irritated if they touch skin or with an icky feeling because of the smell, this solution may suit your skin sensitivities. The We-Vibe cleaning spray is odourless, leaving no traces of fragrances or chemical smells on your toys. Application to toys with stronger material scents may also help reduce the smell, reducing sensory distraction when you’re focused on your physical pleasure. To use this spray, spray it directly on your toy to be clean and give it a good wipe – ensure that you reach any folds or dents on the toy body. This solution is best stored at room temperature, anywhere that you use your toys! The We-Vibe Clean by Pjur is a gentle cleaner especially made to care for your toys – especially those made from sensitive materials such as rubber, silicone and latex. 100ml Spray Bottle Alcohol Free Formula Hygienic and Gentle Neutral in Odour and Taste Made in Germany

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