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We Vibe – Water-Based Personal Lubricant (100ml)

Price: $22.950000 | Brand: Pjur Lubricants Germany
No matter whether you’ve got an old favourite or the top of the range kind of toy, using the right products with it are essential to ensure that you get the most pleasure out of every use – and that your toys last you for a long, long time! We recommend using a body-friendly, toy-safe water-based lube with your toys, including your We-Vibe toys. While higher end toys, like the We Vibes and the Lelo toys do come with the highest grade silicone, which is resistant to holding bacteria and fluids, it is still important to take care of your toys. That’s why Pjur created the We-Vibe Lube, a personal lubricant that’s perfect for your toys and your body. Free from preservatives, comedogenic oils and fragrances, this lube offers a smooth ride with quality ingredients that suit your toys, yourself and your partner. This lube comes in an easy-pump bottle, which is a breeze to store at room temperature in any bedroom or bathroom. You can even keep this bedside essential together with your favourite toy-cleaner in a toy bag or chest, so that they’re always right with your We Vibe toys and ready to go.So you’ve bought a We-Vibe toy? Don’t forget a top knotch lube that’ll match it perfectly. The We Vibe lube by Pjur is slick, smooth and long-lasting, so that you can enjoy your favourite toys all night. 100ml Pump-action Bottle Water-based, Toy-Safe! Long Lasting Made in Germany

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