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Wet ‘N Wild Bra and Skirt Set (One Size)

Price: $59.990000 | Brand: Seven Til Midnight
Get your Cha Cha on with the sexy 3 piece set Wet ‘N Wild Bra and Skirt Set by seven til’ Midnight.    Wet ‘N Wild Bra and Skirt Set has the wet look from the polyester and lame’ material being specially designed to move with your body and making it look smooth and sexy.    Bra is a triangle style with tie back for easy use and accessorbility. The triangle shape emphasises your beautiful delicate breasts in the most flatering way.    Pleated Skirt kinda like a school uniform look, or a cheer leader look but with looking too young as you want the sex appeal factor to flow through. The micro mini skirt has velro fastenings for again easy access and playfulness. There is also removable garters so that you can wear your favourite stockings or not.    Panty well it’s kinda up to you if you want to wear them with it or not (insert cheeky winky smiley face)   * Stockings not included.Wet ‘N Wild Bra and Skirt Set with bra, skirt and panty for playtime fun. Wet ‘N Wild Bra and Skirt Set Bra Pleated Skirt Panty

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