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Wet Stuff Gold Lubricant – 100g

Price: $9.950000 | Brand: Gel Works Lubricants Australia
Wet Stuff Gold is the highest selling lubricant at Femplay with a massive fan following. Australian Made, this product never gets sticky and is long lasting during use. It is a water-based lubricant so it is safe for use with your toys and latex contraceptives such as condoms and dental dams. It is also popular with male masturbation aids such as Fleshlights as it is an easy to clean off product – simply run under water and your item is clean. Wet Stuff Gold is a low irritant clear gel with no fragrance making it suitable for sensitive skin types. A little goes a long way with this lubricant and it easily glides along the skin allowing for ultimate enjoyment. An excellent with many reviews, this lube will have you coming for more. Wet Stuff Gold has been Australia’s favourite lubricant for nearly 30 years – and our customer reviews show just how popular this product is. Great for use for all applications, it comes in a variety of sizes from 60g tubes to 1kg pump packs so there will be right size available for your lubricating needs.

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