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Wet Stuff Naturally – 125g

Price: $13.990000 | Brand: Gel Works Lubricants Australia
Specially designed to enhance your intimate and and sexual pleasure while caring for your natural health and the enviroment. Delightfully silky, the pure ingredients balance an exquisite sensual texture with excellent longer-lasting lubrication. ‘Naturally’ doesn’t need to be washed off as it dries without stickiness or discomfort. Specially formulated for very sensitive skin, Wet Stuff Naturally is free from ingredients commonly used in lubricants that can cause sensitivities. Free from glycerin, petrochemicals, citrates, parabens, fragrance and sweeteners. Increases safety and sensitivity of condoms. Safe with latex products. Naturally pH balanced for women’s health Excellent vaginal moisturiser For everyday use Ingredients: Purified Water, Zemea and Xanthan Gum (From Corn), Lactic Acid to balance pH (from plant carbohydrates), Potassium Sorbate and Benzoic Acid (Found in some fruits)N/A

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