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Whirling Spray Unisex Anal Douche

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
Beautifully Clean and Comfortable is the Best Way to Enjoy anal Play. Its impeccable design ensures you achieve a deep cleansing with absolute comfort while adding the extra thrill of water, warm or cold, between your cheeks. This Compact Yet Effective anal Douche is Easy to Use with a pliable, squeezable bulb, making it an absolute essential for lovers of anal toys and anal sex. Douche before anal sex for a spotless and pleasurable experience. Carefully designed to be exquisitely pleasurable and also practical, this is an anal douche you are going to enjoy time and time again! The easy to operate squeezable water bulb and attachment system is comfortable, and completely safe for beginners. The professionally designed medical-style squeeze bulb is extremely pliable and very soft and made from body safe rubber. The Well-Made, Wear Resistant Slim Shaped Dome Tip nozzle on this douche sprays water in a circular motion that will effectively cleanse your anal passage. It also gives you a gentle internal massage as it cleans. The supple rubber bib of this douche creates a strong seal between the cleaning-nozzle and squeezable bulb. Placing a small amount of a good quality water-based anal lube on the nozzle will give you a smooth insertion. This innovative and comfortable product will have you douching with effective ease in no time.It’s so simple to be squeaky clean with this Whirling Spray Unisex Anal Douche. This is the finest accessory for intimate, genital cleanliness and can be used by men and women for keeping those personal areas completely clean. It has an aesthetically classic design with a slender nozzle that’s straightforward to insert as well as a cleverly designed, squeezable rubber bulb. If you’re wishing to experiment with anal play this is the perfect way to get cleaned up before the fun begins. Easy-to-use anal douche for clean and confident anal play Perfect for those who have anal sex or use anal toys Easy to operate, squeeze bulb body Slim nozzle for easy insertion

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