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Wicked – Aqua Chill Water Based Cooling Lube (60ml)

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Wicked
We all know the temperature rises as we get intimate but sometimes you may want certain sensitive areas keep their cool for a little bit longer, the Wicked Aqua Chill lube is perfect for that occasion. Water Based Intimate Lube is a great lube suitable for most people whether playing alone or with a lover. It is water soluble and the most widely used kind of personal lube use and easy to wash off with water. Cooling Stimulation, brings a different pleasure that needs to be experienced to really understand the unique sensations that the cooling can provide. Parabens are a widely used preservatives used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products that some people may be a little sensitive to or simply do not like to have this preservative in the products they use. This is why Wicked do not have any Parabens in any of their intimidate products. Fragrance Free and No Animal Testing, we all have to admit that we don’t want any product we use to be tested on animals. Fragrance free for the more natural scent and feel. Long Lasting and Never Sticky is exactly what you want from a lubricant, no matter if it is a cooling or not. You don’t want to have any stickiness when you are getting hot and heavy. Natural peppermint, leaf, ginger root and menthol combine to tingle and excite pleasure zones. Safe For all Your Toys, so you can play to your heart’s content with any of your favourite toys.Brrrr bring the sensation of the chill into the bedroom with the Wicked Aqua Chill Water Based Intimate Lubricant, designed to keep your erogenous zones that little bit cooler when your body is heating up. Water Based Intimate Lubricant Cooling Stimulation Paraben Free Fragrance Free and No Animal Testing Long Lasting and Never Sticky Natural Ingredients Safe For All Your Toys

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