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Wicked – Aqua Heat Water Based Warming Lube (60ml)

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Wicked
When you include the finest ingredients into a lubricant you will really understand what increased pleasure you can achieve by adding it into your alone time or your intimate love sessions. Water Based Lubricant is the most popular of lubricants available as they feel good and can be used with most adult toys. It is also really easy to remove after the fun by simply rinsing with water. The Wicked Aqua Heat has something a little different to add to the arousing fun on this smooth lube, the heat will stimulate your erogenous zone bringing a little fire to the mix. Paraben & Fragrance Free is ideal for anyone who may have allergies or have slight sensitivities to any extra chemicals in their lubricants. It is also best if you do have allergies or sensitivity to always try a new product on a small area on your arm to make sure you do not have any diverse reactions to it. If you do, wash it off immediately and cease use. No Animal By-Product or Testing is not just for Vegans, it is for anyone who loves animals and knows that we shouldn’t be using them to test products on them. The Wicked range loves animals, so none are used or hurt in making any of their products. Smooth, Slick and Never Sticky is what you want from a lube, you will be surprised that it isn’t silicone. It is long lasting and has an intense sensation that you will enjoy. Natural Extracts including, red clover, cinnamon, bark, ginger, olive and leaf and wonderful ingredients to give you the best in a warming lube.If you like to make using lubricant a little bit fun and exciting you are going to love the Wicked Aqua Heat Water Based Warming Intimate Lubricant. Water Based Lubricant with a Warming Element Paraben & Fragrance Free Animal Lovers Friendly with No Animal By-Products or Testing Smooth, Slick and Never Sticky Natural Extracts Ingredients

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