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Wicked – Cleene Antibacterial Unscented Toy Cleaner (120ml)

Price: $17.490000 | Brand: Wicked
The best thing that you can do with all your sex toys is look after them and look after them correctly. Don’t just play and then shove it back in the draw, you will get dirt, dust and it will become very unhygienic and no-body wants something unhygienic it their most precious of areas. Antibacterial Toy Cleaner is better than just using water or soap and water alone. It is easy to use with just a simple spray and wipe down with a soft cloth, leave for a minute then rinse with water and dry off. Fragrance Free with no un-natural scent and no preservatives like Paraben that may affect some people with sensitivities. You want your cleaner to be natural and kind to your favourite toy as your toy is very kind to you. Safe for All Sex Toys, no matter what material your toy is made out of you are able to use the Wicked Cleene Antibacterial Unscented Toy Cleaner it is perfect for you. Glass, Silicone, Plastic or Rubber you will have no issues in cleaning all your fav’s. We recommended always storing all your fun toys and equipment in a cool, dry, dirt free and safe environment to make sure you get many years of use out of all your toys. You can look at toy bags, toy chests or simply having a special draw that you put them into.  Wicked Cleene Antibacterial Unscented Toy Cleaner is ideal for all your toy cleaning needs. Antibacterial Toy Cleaner Fragrance Free and Paraben Free Safe for All Sex Toys

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