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Wicked – Ultra Chill Silicone Cooling Lube (60ml)

Price: $29.990000 | Brand: Wicked
If you have only ever tried your basic lubes you might want to mix it up a little with a bit of a chilling sensational lube. Cooling Lube is a lube that is aimed to intensify your sensitivity in your best and most enjoyable intimate areas. It is a good idea to starting with only a small amount and softly smooth it over the area and wait till the cool chilling effect to hit you. Once you have got an idea of how cool you like to get you can add a little more. Silicone Based lubes cannot be used with any silicone toys, it is best for when you are in an intimate relationship and enjoy the wonders of each other’s bodies and are looking to explore a little more. Silicone lube is never sticky and washes away with soap and water and will also add moisture to where it is required the most. No Animal Testing or By-Products with any of the Wicked sensual care collection. They believe that we should not abuse animals in any way to make any of their products, and of course in general. Test it on yourself and if you believe that you are sensitive to the product stop using straight away and clean the area, pretty simple isn’t it. Let’s leave the animals alone. Long lasting and with the chill factor will bring a little extra into the bedroom, it’s worth giving it a try.  Wicked Ultra Chill – Cooling silicone based lube brings the Brrrr to the bedroom. Cooling Lube Silicone Based Tested on Human NOT Animals

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