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Wireless Rockin’ Rabbit

Price: $39.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
This cock ring is made for two.  Its astounding how much pleasure one little device can deliver.  The receiver of special cock ring will not only receive a rock hard penis that stays harder for longer but will also get the benefit of hands free vibrations from coming into contact with either side of the penis.  Hail to hands free fun! Made from Stretchy and Soft TPE Compound one size fits all.  It is comfortable to wear on the penis no matter what your size.  The rubber has a squishy feel so it cushions the impact of thrusting and feels soft against wearer and receiver. The Ears and Tail will flutter with excitement stimulating the zones just where you want it.  Use both or just one.  You don’t even have to use any with vibrations.  The Bullets are Removable and Independent from each other.  You have so many options.  Do you turn both on, maybe try with just one or remove it?  With Each Bullet having 3 Speeds the choices are plently.  Low – Medium – High.  Maybe you like the ears to vibrate on high but the tail to be on low or vice versa.  Its easy to change it up by simply pressing the button of the end of the each bullet. The Rockin’ Rabbit and the Bullets are all Waterproof so the play destinations have just opened up.  The bath or shower is screaming out to see some action or maybe the ocean…  the places to play with your Rockin’ Rabbit is endless.  Oh, and it makes cleaning up easy as… pull apart, rinse and spray some antibacterial cleaner. What are you waitin’ for – get Rockin’ !Product is called Wireless, which is true to the extent that it has no wires.  It is powered by 2 individual bullets that fit snuggly into the rabbit ear ends of this product, giving you the ability of hands-free fumbling during love making. Soft and stretchy for the penis Fluttering rabbit ears and teaser tail for the receiver Removable bullets – independently operated 3 speeds Waterproof Phthalate free

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