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Womanizer – Premium (Black with Gold)

Price: $289.990000 | Brand: Womanizer
Womanizer have stepped it up a few notches with the advanced Womanizer Premium. You’re going to get a whole lot more from this sensational air sucking, vibrating women’s toy. Premium Design Womanizer indeed its premium. The Womanizer team have put their thinking caps on and have designed the Womanizer but better. All the bells and whistles to make you and your clitoris very happy. Let’s start with the marvellous slim design that fits into your hand more comfortably than any other suction clitoral vibe available. It’s sleek and sexy and ready to play. Air Technology which has been designed for your clitoral orgasmic pleasures. If you haven’t found the wonders of this amazing relatively new tech in adult toys you really don’t know what you’re missing. The suction wakes up your clit without even touching it add the vibrations and you are going to go off! 12 Intensity Levels is incredible as even the lowest levels are going to get you to the magical O. I haven’t been to the top levels myself as I climax well before I get there. But it’s going to be fun to play with each one until I get there. Alternating & Exciting Rhythms with Each Use, sounds kind of interesting and maybe a little farfetched but without getting to technical with this what it means is that the Womanizer Premium changes its rhythms each time you use it. Pretty smart and yes please. Auto Pilot Function Aware of Your Needs this crazy function senses what you need and won’t start until the head is just about to touch your skin, preserving precious battery life and staying 100% silent until the moment you need it. Sssshhh Whisper Quite Motor which is a new bonus with the Womanizer. I can’t guarantee that you will be quiet playing with the Womanizer but at least it will be quiet for you. Waterproof and USB Rechargeable as it should be for a magically climatic quality sex toy. Also included is an extra- large stimulation head as we are all wonderfully different.Womanizer Premium is the latest upgraded design of the climatically Womanizer introduced from the innovative German based company that is truly aimed to please. The wonders of the air technology that brings your clit to the most intense orgasm you will ever feel is simply a click away. Premium Design Womanizer Air Technology 12 Intensity Levels Alternating & Exciting Rhythms with Each Use Auto Pilot Function Aware of Your Needs Ssshhh Whisper Quiet Motor Waterproof and USB Rechargeable

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