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Wristband Remote Ultra-Soft Kegel

Price: $109.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Oh the fun you can have with a remote control secret vibrator and the Wristband Remote Ultra-Soft Kegel is perfect alone or with a lover. Ultra-Soft Kegel Vibrator with Retrieval Cord for easy removal after play time. The kegel vibrator works in many ways, one it will assist in increasing your pelvic floor muscles making them stronger and healthier. Just squeeze your muscles whenever you want or/and whenever you feel the vibrations flowing. Two, oh it’s fun! Feeling the vibrations flowing directly through your body in a secret little way is such an amazing turn on. Wristband Remote Control that kind of looks like one of the exercise wristbands. It’s so unassuming no-one will know that is actually for a vibe that you’re wearing and playing with whilst your out and about.You can wear the remote yourself and provide pleasure whenever you want, it’s super quite and only if you let out a pleasure sound will anyone know that your having fun. Or you can give it to your lover so that they can tease and play with you whenever and wherever you are. Imagine date night, well the heat just turned up. 12 Functions with Memory Chip that will remember that last function level that you were using, how clever is that. USB Rechargeable and Waterproof so you can play anywhere. Wristband Remote Ultra-Soft Kegel is a super soft silicone kegel egg/bullet style vibrator with a remote for lots of secret time fun. Ultra-Soft Kegel Vibrator with Retrieval Cord Wristband Remote Control 12 Functions with Memory Chip USB Rechargeable and Waterproof

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