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X-Basic 10-Speed Long Bullet (Pink)

Price: $11.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
Whether playing alone or with someone having a simple vibe to assist things along can be great. The X-Basic long bullet can be enjoyed when you have some alone time and it can also be used whilst you are having sex. This is great if you need a little extra clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Slim Attractive Straight Vibrator this vibe is exactly that. Slim at only 1.5cm in width, long at 13cm in total length and 8-9cm internal. This is very simply a straight smooth and pleasurable vibe that is perfect for anyone anywhere anytime. 10 Speeds at an easy press of the button on the base/bottom of the vibrator. Click to each individual level of pleasure and select the one or more speeds/functions that you need when you need them. The X-Basic is easy to hold and use and you can pop it into your overnight bag, make-up or even hand bag so it’s at the ready, even under the pillow for when the mood arises. Always clean your toys after use, make sure that the battery compartment is tightly closed, never leave batteries in vibe for too long and store safely.X-Basic 10 Speed Long Bullet – Ideal for the beginner or if you’re new to sex toys. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting off with introducing adult toys in your life or if you have quite a few in the bedroom dresser, sometimes you just want a nice simple straight vibe that is not too big or not too small to have a play. Slim Attractive Straight Vibrator 10 Speeds

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