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YES WB Water – Natural Lubricant (100ml)

Price: $36.990000 | Brand: Yes Pure Intimacy
The Yes Water Based Lube is a silky gel that feels great on your skin, with no stickiness, smell or taste which can be very off putting when you are about to get intimate. Lube is fantastic if you for any reason experience dryness around your pleasure areas as sometimes our body may not provide enough natural lubricant at the time we need. A little help is at hand with the Yes lube. Water based is perfect for use when playing with toys and is also compatible with condoms. Yes Water Based Lube is not made with any known skin irritants but if you do experience any please stop use immediately and wash away. Lube can enhance the pleasures of intimacy and sexual pleasure. Organically grown ingredients    Yes Water Based Lubricant Water Based Lubes are the most popular types of lubricants for a lot of people as they can be used anywhere and with all toys.

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